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- Libba Bray

Bring yours to life.

If you're here, you have an important story to tell.


Perhaps your business, brand, passion, or call to action need to be captured in a fresh new way that print ads just can't express.
If your story needs to be told in a way that will enlighten and open hearts, show your audience why they care.


Words are powerful, but short of reaching out and touching someone, there is nothing like being submersed in the rich imagery of video. 

Places are awash in sound and color. Testimonies take on a deeper meaning. Your viewer is engaged.

Your story comes to life.

My Philosophy

Telling your story in a meaningful way doesn't require a big crew and lots of fancy equipment. I travel light. I like to keep things simple and streamlined so that capturing the moment is more authentic and less of a "production." I shoot with an iPhone and top-notch equipment to get the job done right, without a lot of fuss.


Whether I'm interviewing you on camera or off, I want you to feel comfortable. The more relaxed you are, the more focused and confident you'll be in your video. That's when your story really unfolds and your viewers are drawn into the experience.

From concept development to film production, from branding to graphics creation, I'm here to help you share your message in a compelling way.

My Portfolio

& Interviews

While contracting for the State Port Pilot, I produced several videos for the digital "Good Newsletter" that highlighted positive things happening in the community.


Community Events
& Virtual Programs

I've had the opportunity to film many wonderful community events.


In 2019 and 2020, I produced over 90 virtual programs for the City of Southport in an effort to balance the negative social and economic effects of the pandemic in our community.

For instance, The Southport Virtual Merchant Showcase program was created to provide 47 local businesses with free marketing support and to educate the community on the safety measures that these businesses were taking to enable shopping "Southport Safe." 

Community Updates

Additional video production for the City of Southport included monthly updates with the Mayor and other community service update messaging for various departments.

Explainer Videos
& Animations

Sometimes, your message is best communicated with an animation or "explainer video!" 

These are samples of campaigns that I produced to help educate the community on important topics.